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Copywriter Roland Gonzalez Hofmann

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About me: I am an experienced freelance copywriter based in Frankfurt on Main, Germany. Specialized in tourism, furniture, cosmetis and food. Apart from tailor made advertising campaigns, I provide copies for print and online solutions with a focus on SEO. I have worked full time for international advertising agencies such as Leo Burnett, McCann and Publicis.  With more than ten years of work experience, for agencies and as a free lancer, I have gained deep insight into the advertising business. 

Why me: I'm experienced, quick and efficient. And I am used to work with people from all around the world.

My goal: My words and my work are to impact on your target group. If you want to sell in the German market, I will write the copies based on your English assigment in German.

Languages: I can communicate with you in English, Spanish and in German. 

Clients: My clients range from automakers as Fiat and Opel to companies like McKinsey, Olympus and Boehringer Ingelheim. Some of my clients: Fiat, Opel, Dauphin, Boehringer Ingelheim, Olympus, Fidelity International, Metsä Board (M-real), Dominikanische Republik, WWF World Wide Fund For Nature, Link GmbH, McKinsey&Company, Heberer, Eric Ruffet Möbeldesign, CCF Kinderhilfswerk, ZMF Zelt-Musik-Festival Freiburg, Con Composition, Romanfabrik, Agfa and many more.

Functioning: I offer you a free initial consultation in Frankfurt. If you are still interested I write an offer based on your assignment. After the agreement to cooperate the order has to be fixed in writing. I enjoy working in an international work environment.

Professional fee: I can either do a day rate or a project cost. The fee depends on many factors such as extent and complexity of the work, number of meetings, proofreader, corrections or advertsing channels. The order has to be paid in Euro.

Case studies: You find my cases studies on the Portfolio page on my German site. It will give you a better idea of how I work.

Awards: My work was awarded with several international prizes. Among them I received awards in Cannes, France and Los Angeles, USA.

Office: I am based in Frankfurt on Main, downtown, but I am working all over Germany and abroad too.

Contact: Whether you’re an agency, a multi-national company or a small brand with a business-like budget, I would be delighted to help. If you have further questions do not hesitate to get in touch with me. Just fill in the form on the Kontakt page or call me.

Terms and conditions: Just get in touch with me

My CV: Short, but to the point.

Study: Mayor: English studies (Frankfurt on Main and Trenton, New Jersey, USA. Degree: Master of Arts)

Freelance Journalist: Frankfurter Rundschau (newspaper) among others

Permanent employee as a copywriter: Publicis, Trust, Leo Burnett, McCann among others

Freelance copywriter in Frankfurt on Main for companies, agencies and others

Phone: + 49177 77 89 036
Email: info@werbetexter-frankfurt.com

Last but not least:


Roland Gonzalez Hofmann

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E-Mail: info@werbetexter-frankfurt.com

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